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SLB: Okay. What happened to Christina Ricci? She was so cute in Mermaids!

Feministdonut: And awesome in The Addams Family.

SLB: And let the records show that her hair back then was almost blonde… not this jet black monstrosity of a hair hue she’s been rockin’ for the last decade. She’s not Wednesday! Or, Winona Ryder…

Now, I don’t want to touch on Christina’s weight…

FD: I do.

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From time to time, throughout our tragically underemployed days, we find a few minutes (or hours) to ponder things that don’t really matter to other people. Oh, sure. Everyone wonders whatever happened to someone they used to see on TV or in a film or on the radio when years have passed and that person’s career has become a non-entity. But does anyone go several steps further and try to figure out how to get that C-lister or one-hit wonder back on the right track?

Don’t worry. We’re here to do it for you. Feministdonut and SLB: spending their time frivolously so you don’t have to.

Upon seeing Clueless “star” Brittany Murphy on today, we traveled down the following road, looking for the poor girl’s answer to recovery:

SLB: Okay, see… Brittany Murphy? That’s a problem.

Feministdonut: Wow. She looks really baaaaad.

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