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FeministDonut: Patrick, how do we hate thee? Let us count the ways…

slb: Is this the magazine issue we used to prop up on our couch and talk to, while watching him on Grey’s Anatomy:

or was it another magazine? Remember? We kept it for over a year. Right up until we started hating him. I don’t even remember how it began…. Was it the McDreamy character?

FD: No, I think he was smiling and more casually dressed on our cover.

slb: Yeah, you’re right. It was this one:

FD: Yup.

slb: I think what burns me up most about Patrick Dempsey is that you’d think he’d be more humble after his fifteen years of obscurity. And the embarrassing films on which he cut his teeth in the first place. But no. One year of being McDreamy and he totally started coming across as a smug, entitled jerk.

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If you made it through the snorefest that was this years Oscar ceremony, you might have noticed that The Academy made a few glaring omissions in a couple of those “80 Years Of” montages:

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After posing nude to recreate a Marilyn Monroe photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan recently spoke out and blamed The Industry on Heath Ledger’s death, saying “[Marilyn Monroe and Ledger] are both prime examples of what this industry can do to someone.”  Then she got pissy with the interviewer, saying, “I’m not them … I sure as hell wouldn’t let it happen to me.”

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slb: Okay. Why do we hate David Duchovny? 

FeministDonut: Because of his face. 


slb: I thought his face, too!  That’s sick. 


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Cute Katie, real cute.

I just love when journalists perpetuate the sexist stereotypes.  You don’t see the male candidates fielding questions like this.  Miss Frigidaire?!  Is she for real?!

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I have a thing against Jessicas.  They tend to be evil and obnoxious (apparently, I’m not alone in thinking this). Jessica Simpson used to be at the top of my Bitch List, but Jessica “The Calculating Bitch” Alba has since surpassed The Blonde Bimbo on my Feministdonut Bitch Scale.

Why all the vitriol, you ask? 

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Oh, Cuba.

Posted on: February 1, 2008

Dear Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr.:

While I can’t say that you were ever one of my favorite actors to begin with, I really must say: you have a few qualities that’ve endeared me to you (your dad being in The Main Ingredient and your breakdancing abilities among them).

I was one of those people who thought the over-the-top elements of your Jerry Maguire performance were more Cameron Crowe’s fault than yours. I didn’t mind that you couldn’t pull off the words, “You are my ambassador of quan.” Because that was just bad writing. In fact, I didn’t mind you back-flipping at the Oscars when you won that dubious Best Supporting Actor statuette.

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