Sisterhood of the Useless Degrees

What a Bitch: Mr. Oscar

Posted on: February 26, 2008


If you made it through the snorefest that was this years Oscar ceremony, you might have noticed that The Academy made a few glaring omissions in a couple of those “80 Years Of” montages:

1.  Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin were left out of the host montage. Considering how Whoopi was the first woman and the first black person to ever host the Oscars, this is fucked up. So fucked up, that she even teared up on The View about it. And Steve Martin? He’s Steve Martin. You can’t leave Steve Martin out.  Gil Cates, the show’s producer, has since stated that the Whoopi omission was just an “absolute oversight,” and that the montage in question wasn’t even about Oscar hosts (funny, considering it was mostly comprised of past hosts).

2.  They left Brad Renfro out of the “In Memoriam” section. What. The. FUCK? Their excuse: they couldn’t possibly include everyone. I say BULLSHIT.  Brad was an excellent actor with some acclaimed performances alongside Hollywood A-Listers under his belt.  Plus, he died 7 days before Heath Ledger and the fact that he, too, was a young star who died too early brought a lot of attention to his death.  They can’t say that omission was an oversight.  They can’t even say it was a tough choice.  It’s a no-brainer.


  1. What was with all the red dresses?
  2. Why was Hannah Freaking Montana Cyrus presenting?
  3. Did anyone else feel like gouging out their eardrums with all that Enchanted music?
  4. Can Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl just go away?  Please?

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