Sisterhood of the Useless Degrees

Maddie Briann?

Posted on: June 22, 2008

Another stupid celeb child name for the record books. 

Sigh.  Oh, Jamie Lynne…

Granted, it’s not as stupid as “Honor Marie” or “Apple,” but it’s stupid nonetheless.  It doesn’t help that Maddie’s the name of one of my favorite pit bulls ever, or that “Briann” looks dangerously close to “Brian.”

Other names that will scar celeb children for life:

  • Pilot Inspektor Lee.
  • Audio Science Clayton.
  • Moxie Crimefighter Gillette.
  • Busy Phillips.
  • Judge Reinhold.
  • *shakes head in disapproval*

    4 Responses to "Maddie Briann?"

    let’s leave apple out of this, please. also: i secretly approve of moxie crimefighter gillette. c’mon. that took guts.

    Nuh-uh…Apple is retarded. It’s much better as time goes by, but it’s still retarded.

    Moxie Crimefighter is a pretty awesome name in theory, but the kid has to live with that, man. Kids have gotten serious grief over much more common names. Having a celeb parent will only get you so far on the schoolyard, yo…

    But I think Audio Science is the most screwed of the bunch. At least Moxie sounds superhero-ish. Audio Science? Not so much.

    you’re killin’ me with the tags, fam. “retarded names for one’s child?” lol

    look, try as i might, i can’t hate on chris martin and gwyneth paltrow as a couple or as individuals. i *like* coldplay. i LIKE the track “moses” that they named their second born after. i like that they named their first kid apple. i cannot help it. these people amuse me.

    Maddie Briann is NOT a stupid name. Just cuz it’s not to your taste doesn’t make it retarded gosh people need to get a life. Maddie and Briann are actually relatively common names and I don’t think her name will scar her for life and it may interest you to know that it’s highly possible she named her child Briann after her brother Brian which is perfectly honorable. What may scar that little girl for life are the family circumstances before and around her birth and let’s hope they don’t get worse!

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