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Oh Brittany, we had such high hopes for you.  You were Tai; we quote you at least once a week.  You were Luanne Platter (someone I also quote at least once a week).  And as far as bad B movies go, The Ramen Girl was actually kind of awesome (and available on instant Netflix).

Now you’re dead.

So today we toast to you.  See you around, Tai…hope not sporadically.


…people like Michael Cera and Seth Rogan are invited to join the ranks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences alongside people like Jeffrey Wright.

“These filmmakers have, over the course of their careers, captured the imagination of audiences around the world,” said Academy president Sid Ganis, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Jeffrey Wright=Oscar nominee. Cera and Rogan=eyeroll.



I’ve always felt Terrence Howard was a jackass, but this one takes the cake:

About the Chris Brown/Rhianna matter: “It’s just life man,” Howard said of the situation. “Chris is a great guy. He’ll be all right. Rihanna knows he loves her. They’ll be alright. Everyone has just got to get out of their way.”

Go choke on a pile of used baby wipes, asshole.

Why?  WhyWHY?

Yes, there will be a Friends movie.  No, I will not be watching that train wreck.  I already got my fill of upper middle-class, white New Yorkers and their cutesy racist attitudes on the last go round, thankyouverymuch.

And honestly, what’s the point?  Do people really need to see what Ross and Rachael are doing ten billion years after the show ended?  Does Jennifer Aniston really need another shitty movie on her resume?  The woman attracts bad scripts like flies on poo.

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Another stupid celeb child name for the record books. 

Sigh.  Oh, Jamie Lynne…

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Granted, I have this decade-long thing against him for giving “Achy-Breaky Heart” to the world.  But his reaction to the whole Miley Little Nepotizz Cyrus brouhaha over the Annie Leibovitz photos is disturbing.

Today he finally broke his silence on the Today show (or went slightly beyond his “I didn’t know” bullshit, at least).

“I didn’t know they were going to strip her down and wrap her in a blanket,” Cyrus, appearing to promote his NBC show Nashville Star, told show anchor Meredith Vieira. Of the seemingly topless shot of his daughter, he said, “I was surprised when I saw it … but, hey, that’s life. Stuff happens.”

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Scarlett Johansson sucks.  Period.  This magazine cover right here?  This more or less proves it.

scarlett johansson paste magazine cover

Putting aside the awful hair and alienesque pose that makes her look like a female Thom Yorke (and the fact that she spells her name with two Ts), the “My Five Dads” bullshit just kills it.

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Christina Aguilera for Stephen Webster

Sure, the ad itself is a throwback to old Hollywood glamour, but is anyone else tired of the squinty-eyed, pouty expressions on “starlets” these days?

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FeministDonut: Patrick, how do we hate thee? Let us count the ways…

slb: Is this the magazine issue we used to prop up on our couch and talk to, while watching him on Grey’s Anatomy:

or was it another magazine? Remember? We kept it for over a year. Right up until we started hating him. I don’t even remember how it began…. Was it the McDreamy character?

FD: No, I think he was smiling and more casually dressed on our cover.

slb: Yeah, you’re right. It was this one:

FD: Yup.

slb: I think what burns me up most about Patrick Dempsey is that you’d think he’d be more humble after his fifteen years of obscurity. And the embarrassing films on which he cut his teeth in the first place. But no. One year of being McDreamy and he totally started coming across as a smug, entitled jerk.

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