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Oh Brittany, we had such high hopes for you.  You were Tai; we quote you at least once a week.  You were Luanne Platter (someone I also quote at least once a week).  And as far as bad B movies go, The Ramen Girl was actually kind of awesome (and available on instant Netflix).

Now you’re dead.

So today we toast to you.  See you around, Tai…hope not sporadically.

With the screen version of Mamma Mia! opening this Friday (like it stands any kind of chance against The Dark Knight for winning the weekend…), we thought we’d take a minute to herald the burgeoning stardom of Amanda Seyfried.

If you don’t know her yet, you will. She’s one of the few actresses we really like around here, so excuse us for setting aside our snark to draw your attention to her.

amanda seyfried

Maybe you know her as girl who claimed she could predict the weather using nothing but the power of her boobs in Mean Girls. Or maybe you came to love her in bloody-headed flashbacks as semi-skanky Lilly in Veronica Mars. Perhaps you think she’s the most sane member of the Henrickson family on Big Love.

But for those of you who don’t know her at all, know this: we’re almost willing to put aside our extreme hate of all things ABBA to see this girl do her thing opposite Meryl Streep (although feministdonut is probably gonna focus more on simultaneously gouging at her eardrums and swooning over Colin Firth the whole time. You know, priorities).

Anyway, we’ve been seeing a lot of her, looking starry-eyed and smiley in all these over-the-top ads featuring Meryl doing sky-high side splits or herkies and whatnot. And we’re hoping this will provide Seyfried with her star-making turn.

Trust us: she deserves it.


Could you please hold off on announcing your pending new arrival until you’re starting to show? This is what normal expectant mothers tend to do. Aside from announcements to close family and friends, they like holding off on telling the general public that they’re expecting until the end of the first trimester or so.

See, if you wait three months, then we don’t have to spend a whole nine inundated with pictures of you buying really big frozen cappuccinos while some toolish journalist speculates on the possible effects of your caffeine intact on your unborn child.

It also means that, by the time you start showing, we aren’t already so sick of the “countdown to Baby Whatever” that we involuntarily gag whenever we see your Baby Bump. More…

I spent about two hours today watching three episodes of ABC’s midseason series, Miss Guided. I don’t know why. It stars Judy Greer, and I’ve never liked Judy Greer in anything I’ve watched her in, but whatever; I watched it.

Here’s my hypothesis: this show’s getting canceled after eight eps, if that. It reminds me of those Disney sitcoms, circa Lizzie McGuire (not those unwatchable, brain-cell-deadening ones they’ve got now [The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, I’m looking at you.], but the ones you could kind of get through, if you were super-bored, and emerge unscathed and slightly amused)…. Where was I? Oh, okay, yeah: this show sucks. It’s like a bad knock-off of Never Been Kissed (if such a thing can even be imagined), without the plucky, cutesy, do-no-harm appeal of Drew Barrymore.

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