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Scarlett Johansson sucks.  Period.  This magazine cover right here?  This more or less proves it.

scarlett johansson paste magazine cover

Putting aside the awful hair and alienesque pose that makes her look like a female Thom Yorke (and the fact that she spells her name with two Ts), the “My Five Dads” bullshit just kills it.

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If you made it through the snorefest that was this years Oscar ceremony, you might have noticed that The Academy made a few glaring omissions in a couple of those “80 Years Of” montages:

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Cute Katie, real cute.

I just love when journalists perpetuate the sexist stereotypes.  You don’t see the male candidates fielding questions like this.  Miss Frigidaire?!  Is she for real?!

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I have a thing against Jessicas.  They tend to be evil and obnoxious (apparently, I’m not alone in thinking this). Jessica Simpson used to be at the top of my Bitch List, but Jessica “The Calculating Bitch” Alba has since surpassed The Blonde Bimbo on my Feministdonut Bitch Scale.

Why all the vitriol, you ask? 

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